7 Top Predictors of Divorce

This list of reasons why couples divorce can seemingly go on forever. Infidelity, withdrawal, money issues, incompatibility, and lack of sex might come to mind as the leading predictors of divorce, but there are also many other factors that could put an end to marital bliss.

According to some experts, the 7 top predictors of divorce are (in no particular order):

Unbalanced Relationship

In an unbalanced relationship, one partner often makes all the decisions, and the other tends to go along. Compromise can help keep a relationship in a state of accord, but it can also leave one person feeling as though he or she does not have a say. Not having your needs met or your thoughts and ideas heard can be one of the top predictors of divorce.

Different Interests and Desires

Opposites often attract because you see in the other person something you do not see in yourself, but that can grow old after a few years of finding out that you have nothing in common. When one partner loves the theatre, and the other is only interested in sports, you can find yourself either going off with friends or grudgingly accompanying your spouse. After a while, you may find someone with whom you have more in common, and that can open up a whole other can of worms in your marriage.

Too Much Focus on Career

A happy marriage requires work – it does not just happen on its own. This needs work from both partners, and if one or both feel that they work hard enough at the office, then the relationship can fall by the wayside. A job that also keeps you away from home for long periods can also lead to trouble and is another of the leading predictors of divorce.

Lack of or Poor Communication

Lack of or poor communication encompasses many areas and can lead to marital discord:


Having a negative attitude, either in your marriage or behind your spouse’s back, is one of the common predictors of divorce. When you focus on what does not make you happy, rather than what does, that is all you see. You are also more likely to speak with sarcasm or be unsympathetic and rude to your partner.


Research into what age makes for the longest marriage shows that those couples who marry in their late twenties have the best odds for a long and happy relationship. Getting married in your teens is one of the 7 top predictors of divorce. Age gaps also increase the risk of getting a divorce, as does marrying later than age 32.

Lack of Education

Both partners holding college degrees is another predictor of a longer-lasting marriage, while not having a high school diploma is another one of the predictors of divorce among couples. Since lack of education may also impact financial income throughout life, money issues may also contribute to the problems.

If any of these predictors of divorce are creating havoc in your marriage, now is the time to seek out help. To save your marriage, contact a marriage therapist or counselor, even if you must go alone because your spouse refuses to accompany you.

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