Did Hurricane Irma Put a Shutter (Shudder) on Your Marriage?

While you were busy shuttering up your home against the wrath of Hurricane Irma, were you also unwittingly putting a shudder on your marriage?

Natural disasters can bring out the best and the worst in people.

Some couples find that they work best together under the common bond of pressure – facing a difficult situation united as a strong team.

Others discover that they fight over every little detail:

⦁ When to put up the shutters
⦁ How soon in hurricane season to stock up on batteries, water, and canned food
⦁ Whether to stay or flee the area
⦁ Which room in the house is the safest during the storm

These issues become even worse for couples who are already dealing with marital strife.

Could a Storm Like Hurricane Irma Lead to Divorce?

For many people, the answer is yes; Hurricane Irma could propel them into divorce proceedings.

It is not the hurricane itself that leads to divorce, but the fact that disaster tends to create a heightened emotional state. Words are said, actions are done, and, sometimes, these things cannot be taken back or undone.

It is natural to shut down after a stressful situation. The problem is only made worse if the action one party requested was not taken, and loss occurs. Looking for someone to blame is often a natural way of coping with a crisis, and if one party clearly left open a pathway for destruction, this could be insurmountable in a marriage.

How Could Weathering Hurricane Irma Save a Marriage?

Divorce is not a given after losing everything in a storm the magnitude of Hurricane Irma. Sometimes, a crisis such as this can show you what really matters in life. Many couples find themselves taking stock of what is important, and they realize that it is their love and not material possessions that matter most.

When you look around, whether you see destruction or you were one of the lucky ones, sometimes you look at the person standing next to you and holding your hand, and realize that you can get through anything – together.

It is important to remember that each person handles situations in a unique way, and coping mechanisms will not be the same. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before passing judgement.

If you know that your partner is a procrastinator, and you want the shutters up sooner rather than later, hire a company or some high school boys in the neighborhood to do the job. Find ways to avoid the stressful triggers that are heightened in times like this.

Most importantly, try to keep the lines of communication open, and avoid name-calling and assessing blame.

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