Can I Get More Child Support in Coral Springs?


Few families see divorce, custody battles and child support disagreements in their future. But these are a fact of life for half of all couples. At Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL, we know that with the right assistance, family law concerns regarding support and custody in Coral Springs can be resolved without the need for extensive litigation. Our team is here to help you pursue your best interests, along with the best interests of your child and the rest of your family. At our firm, we’re here to help families of all ages, races, genders and economic needs find the help they need to reach an agreement when it comes to child custody and child support in Coral Springs. You want the best for your child, and our team at Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL is here to help you achieve this goal with our assistance for garnering the proper child support in Coral Springs.

If you’re divorced, separated or if you need assistance with initiating a separation, our team at Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL is here to help. We’re committed to helping families resolve family law matters with the smallest amount of complications or frustrations possible. Our first goal is to determine the parameters of child custody and child support in Coral Springs with mediation rather than litigation. During mediation, our experienced specialists will help parties reach an amicable agreement that keeps the wellbeing of the children at heart. Of course, if mediation does not yield the desired results, our attorneys will stay by your side throughout any legal processes to determine separations, divorces, child custody and child support.

There are many different laws and regulations in place regarding family law, child support and child custody. At Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL, our attorneys understand that there are many different factors that can influence your child support and child custody ruling, including:

  • Distance between the parents’ residences
  • Children’s Ages
  • Time Sharing schedule
  • Medical, Day Care and Health Care Costs
  • Income of Parents
  • Domestic Violence

Our attorneys at Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL can help you fight for you and your child in Coral Springs, and we can also fight for child support amounts that are appropriate to the situation. While nobody wants to have a long drawn out battle over child support or child custody, it’s important to make sure you’re defending your child’s best interests along with your own. Our attorneys are here to help you address child support and child custody needs with as much ease as possible. To learn more, please call (954) 344-7737.

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