Resolve Your Domestic Disputes with Family Mediation in South Florida


Family problems are among the most difficult to solve. Before you move forward with a divorce, it’s important to understand what is truly at stake. Divorce in South Florida will impact your financial future as well as the welfare of your children. You and your spouse have spent years developing a relationship that has now deteriorated, but you will still be a family after divorce, albeit in two different homes. Before heading for divorce court, more couples are discovering the value of family mediation in South Florida.

Family mediation has often been described as an alternative form of dispute resolution. It has become increasingly popular of the past 30 years. Mediation is the process in which an impartial third party (the mediator) assists in the resolution of disputes by focusing the parties on the issues that need to be addressed and avoiding rehashing old arguments. Mediation allows both parties to have the final say in their settlement rather than have the outcome determined by a judge in trial. Family mediation in South Florida brings a variety of benefits, including cost savings, convenience, confidentiality and far less stress than litigation.

Unlike a judge in the courtroom, a mediator does not decide the case. Instead, their role is to be neutral and to encourage communication between both parties, which has been significantly damaged when couples are divorcing, and help the parties compromise and agree. The mediator will encourage both parties to obtain independent legal advice before coming to the negotiating table so that everyone has been advised as to what they can reasonably expect to get or ask for in mediation. Mediators cannot give legal advice but they do explain the law.

Family mediation is not for everyone. It’s not usually feasible if there has been domestic violence. Both parties must be willing to be honest and able to negotiate in good faith. Mediation is not one party’s opportunity to impose their demands on the other. If you think you’re going to mediation to convince your spouse to do something that they really don’t want to or shouldn’t do, you’ll be disappointed.

If your relationship is heading towards a divorce, mediation is a desirable option that should be explored. The attorneys at Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL are experienced and skilled in negotiating family disputes. Attorney Nancy Brodzki is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator. In addition to family mediation, the firm also provides legal representation for divorce, bankruptcy and immigration in South Florida. To learn more about family mediation in South Florida, call the law office and schedule a consultation.

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