Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer in Coral Springs for a Green Card


Miami may be known as the Gateway to the Americas, but you don’t have to live in the Magic City to fully understand the impact immigrants have made throughout South Florida. Each year, countless new foreign arrivals enter South Florida with dreams of a better life. But if you plan to live, work and stay in the United States longer than a temporary period of time, it’s essential to get advice from an experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer in Coral Springs to help guide you through the complicated legal process of immigration law.

To stay and work in the United States, immigrants must either obtain a green card or a visa in Coral Springs. Because immigration law can be full of inconsistencies and exceptions, obtaining these important documents can be a overwhelming experience. You many encounter government delays or mistakes which can make the process even more frustrating. Having an immigration lawyer in Coral Springs on your side can be extremely beneficial and can make the process much easier.

The U.S. Immigration System has come under huge fire from critics from both sides of the political arena. The battle over immigration reform remains one of the biggest topics on Capitol Hill. But as President Obama and Congress continue to wage a tug-of-war over how immigration law should be regulated, hundreds of hard-working immigrants in Coral Springs are still awaiting their fates.

One of the complications with obtaining a green card in Coral Springs is trying to figure out complex immigration laws. It takes immigration lawyers years just to get a full grasp on all the laws regarding green cards and visas in Coral Springs. At first glance, immigration laws seem to benefit applicants, allowing immigrants to reunite with family members in the United States or to gain asylum as protection from political persecution. But the laws are also written to protect national security from people who may pose a threat to American society.

Because few people have a straightforward case when it comes to obtaining a green card, an experienced immigration lawyer in Coral Springs can make a huge difference. They can protect your rights in the event of a past visa overstay, criminal conviction or health issue which could result in the denial of a green card. An immigration lawyer can also protect clients should the government misplace all or any parts of your application. Many immigrants actually try resolving green card applications on their own because of attorney fees. But when you consider all the time and aggravation saved from getting assistance from an immigration lawyer in Coral Springs, it’s well worth the investment.

An immigration lawyer in Coral Springs is an invaluable asset when trying to obtain a green card. To learn more what an immigration attorney can do for you, call the law office of Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL. Their highly skilled attorneys can provide legal advisement and counsel for cases involving student visas, work visas, citizenship, green cards and much more. Call today and schedule a consultation.

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