Fight an Order of Removal or Deportation with an Immigration Lawyer in Coral Springs, FL


The United States was built on immigrants. Thousands of people leave their homeland each year to seek a better life in this country. Nowhere is that more evident than in South Florida, where immigration has always been a hot topic. Unfortunately many responsible new arrivals to South Florida, who have visas in Coral Springs, FL, face a major obstacle. Many don’t realize they face an order of removal or deportation until they apply for a visa or green card. The situation can seem hopeless for many hard working people looking to stay in the United States. Fortunately, an experienced immigration lawyer in Coral Springs, FL can help explain and protects the rights of immigrants by providing them with several helpful options.

First, it’s important to understand the basics of immigration. There are two pieces of documents that can help immigrants stay in South Florida. Immigrants can apply for a green or a visa in Coral Springs. But these are two completely different things. A green card allows immigrants to remain and work in the United States indefinitely. A visa is reserved for a temporary stay. Depending on an immigrant’s personal situation, they can apply for a visa which can enable them to work in the United States during their stay.

If an immigrant is facing a removal or deportation, an immigration lawyer can file a motion to reopen the person’s immigration case. Believe it or not, there are many people who face deportation because they didn’t show up in Immigration Court. In many of these cases, immigrants were never told or informed to be in court. Some people are tricked into filing immigration paperwork through a notario who claims to have the necessary legal qualifications but did not. By filing a motion to reopen a case, an immigration attorney can prevent the government from deporting or removing a person while the motion is pending.

An immigrant may also face removal or deportation because they received poor representation from their previous attorney. If an immigrant has new to evidence to support their case, they can have an immigration attorney to file a motion to reopen their dispute in court. New evidence can include the birth or death of a family member, a recent marriage to a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent residence or changes in the law related to their case.

Whether you’re fighting to obtain a green card or visa in Coral Springs, the immigration lawyers at Brodzki Jacobs & Associates are dedicated to protecting the rights of responsible people seeking to make a great life in the United States. To learn more on how an immigration lawyer in Coral Springs, FL can help you, call the law office today at (954) 344-7737 to schedule a consultation.

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