Coral Springs Divorce Lawyer on the Front Lines of Gay Marriage Debate


Social change doesn’t happen overnight. Here’s a quick history lesson. It’s hard to believe women didn’t have the right to vote until the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1919. That’s only 105 years ago. In 1954, the Brown vs. The Board of Education case ruled segregation unconstitutional in American schools. Despite the Supreme Court’s decision, schools throughout the South remained segregated as recently as the late 1960s. But the fight for equal rights isn’t over in 2014. Gay marriage is currently one of the hottest issues facing millions of Americans today. Coral Springs divorce lawyer Nancy Brodzki is currently in the middle of a case which could have significant ramifications on gay marriage.

The case centers on Heather Brassner who is seeking divorce from her partner Megan Lade. The couple had been joined in a civil union issued in Vermont. However, their divorce can’t be granted in Florida because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage. Making matters more complicated, Lade’s whereabouts are unknown. Based on the evidence provided, Brodzki correctly predicted Broward Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen would rule Florida’s ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional. The Brassner case is one of several cases recent cases which will go to the Florida Supreme Court.

It may seem ironic that a divorce case could ultimately change laws on gay marriage both in Florida and nationally. But like the historical examples listed above, change will likely come slowly. After the Florida Supreme Court makes its ruling on the Brassner case, it will likely have to go through the U.S. Supreme Court. Even if Brassner is granted a divorce, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi may appeal the decision. If it passes appeal and the divorce is validated, it won’t force the clerk of the court to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples. It will likely take several years for any significant change to take place. Even if Florida’s Supreme Court rules the state’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, the U.S. Supreme Court must also decide whether states have the power to regulate the legality of same-sex marriage.

Regardless of a couple’s sexual orientation, divorce is always a complicated issue. It’s particularly difficult when children are involved. The law firm of Brodzki Jacobs & Associates in Coral Springs provides legal representation and counsel for all matters regarding Coral Springs family law. Since 1988, the firm has successfully represented clients in cases involving:

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  • Property division and much more

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