A Family Law Attorney in Coral Springs, FL Can Help Resolve Paternity Cases


Paternity is a serious issue in Broward County. No one should have to learn about these cases by sitting at home and watching the Maury Povich Show. Bringing a child into the world is a huge responsibility which requires love and commitment. It’s the duty of all parents to look out for their child’s best interest. But what happens when a child is born from outside a relationship? Unfortunately, countless families from Miami to Coral Springs are torn apart by this delicate matter. It affects both married and unmarried couples. But most importantly, it affects the welfare of the child. If you’re involved in a paternity dispute, it is important to know your rights and receive proper representation by a reputable family law attorney.

Paternity cases involve several facets of family law. Everything from custody, child support, child protection and child relocation hang in the balance.  When it comes to child support in Coral Springs, paternity plays a huge factor. If you don’t understand the procedures of family law, there’s a lot to lose. For example, a biological father may have no legal right when it comes to the involvement of his child without filing appropriate court pleadings. The same mistake can result in a biological mother failing to receive child support or any financial assistance.  If a child is believed to be born from adultery, it’s the responsibility of the mother or father to determine the paternity of the child, usually from a DNA test.

Florida family law defines paternity as the legal recognition of a man’s relationship as a parent.  A paternity suit is filed when the mother and father can’t establish paternity voluntarily. This type of suit will establish the rights and obligations of each parent.  A paternity suit can be filed by either the mother or father. But in some instances, the State of Florida can initiate the case if the mother is receiving public assistance. If paternity is establish, the father is legally obligated to pay child support and will be granted full parental rights. Fathers need to prove paternity to establish their time sharing rights or to contest an adoption.

Not all paternity cases need to end up in court. Both parties can resolve the matter through a settlement agreement. In most cases, the father is must provide financial support for the child. This can affect the child’s welfare in several ways. It gives the child legal rights to inherit from their father, become eligible for health insurance under their father’s policy. If the father dies or becomes disabled, the child is entitled to social security benefits.  The child can also receive wrongful-death benefits if the father dies as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The skilled attorneys at Brodzki Jacobs & Associates have helped the people of Coral Springs resolve their paternity issues efficiently and effectively. If you’re involved in a paternity dispute, it’s important to have a reputable and experienced family law attorney on your side. Call today!

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