How the Rejection of Immigration Reform Affects South Florida


America is the land of opportunity. Each year, thousands of people come to the United States for work to ensure their family can enjoy the quality and liberty we often take for granted.  The young children of these workers will often carry with them the memories of living in their new American home in South Florida. While these undocumented immigrants have spent years working hard to provide for their families and seek legal U.S. citizenship, they often fear deportation due to current U.S. immigration law.

Immigration reform has become a hot topic throughout the nation. But it’s a particularly sensitive issue in South Florida. From Coral Springs to Homestead, there are countless undocumented immigrants eagerly awaiting their opportunity to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  But during this past week, Congress did not pass immigration as expected. This was considered a major setback for foreign workers hoping to stay in the country. Despite this defeat, several special interest groups have emerged to push for a halt to deportation.

President Obama is at the forefront of this issue.  Many pro-immigration groups are pushing for the President to expand on a 2012 decision which halted the deportation of young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents. President Obama’s position is to give opportunity to undocumented immigrants to achieve American citizenship as long as they meet a series of pre-conditions and wait at least a decade.

The failure to pass immigration reform has been blamed on a variety of reasons. Many pro-immigration groups blame political division between Republicans and Democrats.   Others wanted more extensive legal relief provided for undocumented immigrants. Many oppose the border security provisions which would be enforced if legal status is given to undocumented illegal immigrants.

The fate of current and future immigrants will depend on changes made to the procedures and prerequisites currently established in U.S. immigration law. Inevitable policy changes could alter this already complex situation. It’s recommended for immigrants to seek the advice of a reputable immigration lawyer. By receiving the proper representation, immigrants are ensured of having their rights protected while they take the proper steps for the future.

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