Why Family Mediation is Sometimes Necessary


For decades, television has brought us images of happy families through situation comedies. Whether it was the Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show or Everybody Loves Raymond, family life has always been a popular theme. But not everyone in South Florida is in one big, happy family or has a television dad who can solve everyone’s problems. Sometimes disputes over money matters, the decision to file for divorce or other family conflicts can be resolved through the process of mediation.  A state certified mediator can often resolve family law issues without litigation. This can save everyone time, stress and money.

Mediation is the process where a neutral mediator works with two disputing parties to help them come to an agreement.  The goal is to explore all options for a settlement and identify solutions to best fit the needs of each party. The sooner the mediation takes place, the better the chances of coming to an amicable agreement.  Mediations are often common in disputes which involve family law.  For example, when a couple is contemplating divorce, they’re often at a critical stage in their relationship. Before you begin the process of divorce procedures, it’s beneficial to consider mediation. Nothing is guaranteed. However, through effective mediation both people to come to personal, peaceful and private solutions.

It’s important to know timing is critical. The longer each party waits to enter mediation can, the greater the chances of money and significant time lost without an agreement. As your chances for a peaceful agreement diminish, the greater the possibilities of having to eventually resolve your case through a trial.  Mediation can involve a wide variety of combinations of participants. But at the very least, a mediator eventually meets with two disputing parties. Additional attorneys along with people who can provide further information are also allowed to participate. Having an attorney present during mediation is completely up to the comfort level of the participants with the process.

Not all family conflicts can be solved internally. Sometimes outside help from an independent mediator can help resolve divorce, power of attorney and other family law issues. Attorney Nancy Brodzki from the firm of Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator who has extensive experience negotiating family law cases.  For more information on family mediation, call the office of Brodzki Jacobs & Associates, PL in Coral Springs at (954) 344-7737 for a consultation.

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