Prenuptial Agreements Are For Everyone These Days


With more and more marriages ending in divorce, it should come as no surprise that prenuptial agreements are becoming more common. A prenuptial agreement is a contract agreed upon by both parties prior to the marriage. There can be any number of reasons for a prenuptial agreement, but in most cases it revolves around division of property in case of divorce. Historically, prenuptial agreements were used when one spouse entered a marriage with considerably more money than the other person.

A prenup, as they are known colloquially, might state that should divorce occur, each party leaves the marriage with exactly what they had when the marriage was formed. This could include bank accounts, homes and assets like cars or boats. It might state whether alimony is going to be paid and how much. Should someone with considerable wealth enter into a marriage without a prenuptial agreement, their non-marital assets might appreciate in value and give the spouse an interest in those assets.spouse would be entitled to half in the case of a divorce. What once was a staple of the rich are now being used by the average Joe are beginning to use prenuptial agreements to protect their assets as well.

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